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Team & Tournament Play

The AYTEF Player Pathway prepares players for intermediate competitive endeavors such as team challenges, junior circuits, and tennis opportunities.  If your GameSetMatch student is poised to advance, explore the following team play or tournament opportunities. 

Team Challenge

AYTEF Team Challenge events provide a supportive team setting for beginners of all ages to hone their skills alongside peers of similar experience levels. With a focus on teamwork rather than outcomes, participants can enjoy learning tennis in a positive and social atmosphere, while also developing character and sportsmanship.

Upcoming Team Challenge Date: Friday, May 17

REGISTER HERE for Orange Ball

REGISTER HERE for Green Ball


Junior Team Tennis

AYTEF proudly presents its Junior Team Tennis Team competing in the USTA Atlanta Cobb League with matches scheduled for Saturday afternoons. Joining our JTT team necessitates fundamental tennis abilities such as serving, rallying, and scorekeeping. As part of our team, you'll cultivate unity, sportsmanship, and collective achievement. Our focus extends beyond wins to include the values of fair play and resilience when encountering obstacles.



Junior Circuit Tournament

Discover AYTEF's USTA Junior Circuit events, offering non-elimination, round-robin draws for players of all ages. Gain valuable match experience and view your individual results in a tournament setting. These dynamic events foster skill development through level-based play, emphasizing good sportsmanship. Each event lasts up to half a day, ensuring every player engages in competitive matches. Expect to play 2 to 4 matches per event, tailored to the number of participants in each flight. Players should be proficient in serving, rallying, scoring, and have some competitive tennis background.

Upcoming Junior Circuit Date: April 20


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