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AYTEF believes that the powerful combination of tennis and education programming can transform the lives of the youth we serve. But rather than simply telling you about our impact, we invite you to hear it directly through the words and videos of our families and participants.  These stories of empowerment, growth, and achievement illustrate the profound ways AYTEF is shaping futures and fostering positive change in the community.

The Brown Family

Since 2021, the Brown family has actively participated in AYTEF's GameSetMatch program. They've witnessed firsthand how AYTEF imparts vital life skills to their child, fostering resilience, confidence, and adaptability, which transcend beyond the courts. The family deeply appreciates the engaging program, exposure, and confidence-building opportunities AYTEF provides.

The Ukoha Family

AYTEF helped the Ukoha children gain placement at a top Atlanta academic school, addressing Mrs. Ukoha's concerns about their limited opportunities due to financial constraints. AYTEF's programs offer affordable enrichment that boosted the children's confidence, academic skills, and community connections.

Preston Photo.jpeg


Donna, Preston's grandmother, has played a crucial role in supporting his involvement in AYTEF. Click below to read an excerpt from her heartfelt testimonial about Preston's journey with the organization.

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