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Our Impact

In its 20-year legacy, this past year stands as a testament to our commitment, with record-breaking achievements in tennis and education programming hours, youth progression, family engagement, volunteer involvement, staff growth, retention rates, and substantial support from donors and grants. AYTEF’s dedication to under-resourced youth in the Atlanta area has never been more evident, marking a historic milestone in our organization's history.

Empowering Communities

Who We Serve and Why

AYTEF is dedicated to serving youth in grades K-12 recruited from nearby Title I schools, with a particular emphasis on minority communities, including Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, and multiracial youth. We strive to reduce participation barriers by offering our programs either for free or at a low cost, with additional support for low-income families.


Our focus is on neighborhoods experiencing increased need, with initiatives concentrated at Fair Oaks Tennis Center in zip code 30008, identified by the United Way Child Well-Being Index as high-need for youth development. With a significant portion of residents facing financial instability and lower graduation rates, our mission is to intervene and provide resources to address urgent educational challenges. In 2023, 90% of our served youth identified as minorities, with 48% reporting eligibility for free and reduced lunch, highlighting our commitment to supporting underserved communities.

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