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Honoring Hispanic and Latino Culture

This week, we focused on honoring Hispanic and Latino culture by learning about Hispanic Heritage Month. Learning about Hispanic Heritage Month is vital because it cultivates cultural understanding and celebrates the diverse contributions of Hispanic and Latino communities. It encourages respect for different backgrounds, nurtures inclusivity, and promotes historical awareness. By learning about the rich tapestry of Hispanic cultures and the significant role Hispanics have played in shaping our society, students gain a broader global perspective, combat stereotypes, and become more empathetic individuals. This education not only honors our shared heritage but also equips students to be informed, culturally sensitive citizens who appreciate the richness of our multicultural world.

The students began their learning by picking an influential figure of Hispanic or Latin background and explored who they are and their contributions to the community. They were able to color a drawing of them and write facts about these individuals to highlight their many achievements.

We reviewed the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month with a quick presentation where the students learned the nuances between using the term "Hispanic" and "Latino/a", as well as the countries that are celebrated during this holiday.

The students were enthusiastic to discover they had already listened to a popular type of Latin music, Mariachi, through the movie Coco as the soundtrack is inspired by instruments and influences of Mariachi.

To end our learning, the students engaged in a fun game of Lotería, a traditional Mexican game similar to Bingo. Each student picks a tabla, or a board, which has 16 images. Cards are drawn, and if they possess the image of a card drawn, they can place a chip or another type of marker on the image. They must complete a specific pattern, typically a horizontal or vertical line, to win the game. If they get a horizontal or vertical line, they will shout out Lotería! which the caller then checks their tabla to make sure it corresponds with all the cards called. The students were so ramped up during the game and never wanted to stop playing! It was a great way to allow them to immerse in the culture while still making it a learning experience.

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