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The Upstairs and Downstairs of Our Brains!

This week we learned about what it means to self-regulate and the strategies in which we can use to regulate ourselves. It was first important to understand that our brain's job is to keep us safe and it keeps us safe by causing us to fight, flight, or freeze, the three F's.

The students played a game of Operation Perfection to stimulate this response.

The students watch this video explaining the different parts of our brains and how they help us to regulate our emotions and responses when events occur.

After we conducted whole group discussions where we analyzed our downstairs brain reactions, using the characters from the video. We explained how the upstairs brain allows us to THINK before we act. The students talked about scenarios where we have used our upstairs brain to help us react to a stressful situation, and situations where our downstairs brain dictated our reaction.

The students were asked to think about a time in their lives where they were potentially stressed, angry, or felt huge emotions. The students were asked to build a lego house representing their brain with an upstairs and downstairs. Using this house, the students shared how they coped during this time.

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