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VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT - Two high school students share why they love volunteering at AYTEF

Updated: Jan 19


Kile Ha - Wheeler High School

How did you hear about AYTEF

I heard about AYTEF through my tennis coach David Drew. I had previously asked him about service opportunities, and he told me about the AYTEF organization and invited me to volunteer at one of their block parties. I had an incredible time and from then on I have loved helping out at practices and block parties.

What do you enjoy the most about volunteering with our youth?

The best part of volunteering is being able to interact with the kids and put a smile on their faces. Being able to come out and make a change in their lives is an incredible opportunity that I cherish every time I step onto the court.

How has this volunteer experience impacted you?

This volunteer experience has impacted me positively because it has helped to improve my patience and communication. Learning the different ways kids react to certain gestures or phrases has helped me to get a better understanding of how to communicate my thoughts in a clearer way. Overall, I have loved every minute of volunteering for AYTEF and I hope to continue to be a positive impact on the community.


Heys Parker - Atlanta International School

How did you hear about AYTEF?

I heard different coaches and friends talk about AYTEF events, volunteer opportunities, and just the organization as a whole through participation in tennis drills at Blackburn Tennis Center, a part of UTA. At one event that AYTEF held for UTA families, I was informed about its missions, goals, and needs they had, one of which being volunteering with tennis drills for the kids at the GameSetMatch program. After learning about it, I felt like AYTEF was something that aligned with values, and would be something I would be willing and excited to support.

What do you enjoy the most about volunteering with our youth?

I think by far, I enjoy the most getting the chance to work with the kids on the court. Whether its at a Block Party or tennis drills, just getting to work with the kids is a special opportunity, and I feel like I have the chance to share something I've spent a lot of time doing in tennis with them, and they always make me laugh and are really fun to be around.

How has this volunteer experience impacted you?

Every time I go to volunteer at AYTEF, I feel like I leave happier than I was going in. I feel like everyone there just radiates positive energy from the kids to the other volunteers and staff members, I can't help but adopt this same mindset of happiness and gratitude. This is something that I also try to bring to my everyday life.


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