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VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT - Highschooler Collecting Used Tennis Racquets for AYTEF Youth

Updated: Jan 19


Graham Bauer

North Atlanta High School

This week we are recognizing Graham Bauer, one of our tennis volunteers who attends North Atlanta High School! Graham has enthusiastically shown up for multiple of our block parties and we so appreciate his commitment and passion for AYTEF. Graham is not only volunteering, but in his spare time he is has been collecting used tennis racquets and collecting them for under-resourced youth! We are extremely proud of Graham and would love for you to consider supporting his cause!

Graham also taken the time to share his experience working with AYTEF and what AYTEF means to him:

"I was researching good foundations that supported the local community through means of tennis! What I love most is how I can assist in creating a fun experience for the kids while helping them improve their tennis skills! Volunteering at AYTEF has helped me meet new people and I have gotten to be a part of a new community!"

Graham's Tennis Racquet Drive

Right now, I am collecting used tennis racquets to help refurbish and sell them to benefit AYTEF! ALL proceeds will directly support AYTEF in their mission of enriching the lives of under-resourced youth through tennis and education.

The racquet drive will take place from November 13th to January 6th. If you don’t have any racquets to donate, please consider supporting the cause with a dollar donation. Please contact me at if you have any questions!

Click the link below to donate! Thank you for your support!

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