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VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT - ALTA Photographer Laura Barnard shares why she enjoys volunteering at AYTEF


Laura Barnard -

Photographer at Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA)

This week we are recognizing Laura Barnard, one of our talented photography volunteers who also photographs for ALTA Tennis! Laura has been a steady, incredible support throughout the year and she has done a fantastic job capturing photos at most if not all of our AYTEF block parties and holiday events. We are so thankful for her service, and we've asked her to share her experience volunteering at AYTEF.

How did you hear about AYTEF?

I first learned about AYTEF in the fall of 2017 from the ALTA Foundation. I do the photography for ALTA, and I went to an AYTEF event called Volley Against Violence at Washington Park to take pictures of the program for an ALTA Foundation article for the Net News magazine, and I instantly fell in love with AYTEF.

What do you enjoy the most about volunteering with our youth?

I started going to the program just about every Friday night during the spring and fall to take pictures and to help wherever it was needed. As I learned more about AYTEF I was so impressed with their mission, goals and the impact they wanted to make through their programs. I love going to their block parties and holidays events to continue to capture the fun and excitement that the kids have.

How has this volunteer experience impacted you?

AYTEF has been such a blessing to the Atlanta area and I’ve seen first hand the impact that it’s made in the lives of so many kids in the underserved communities of Atlanta. I’m so thankful that the ALTA Foundation continues to partner with AYTEF. I truly love capturing the heart and soul of the AYTEF programs through photography!

Thank you so much Laura for your passion and amazing support, and we look forward to seeing you again this year!

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