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Taking Care of My Space

The month of April is focused on Environmental Awareness as Earth Day falls on April 22! Coming back from a restful Spring Break, the students focused on a smaller part of the environment: their own space. The students first began by creating and designing their ideal space; many of which shared the common trait of cleanliness. We discussed why this was and the students explained that an organized and clean room reflects how they feel.

We held discussions about why it is important to be environmentally aware, specifically within our own space. The students looked at two pictures: one of a dirty room and another of a clean space. We shared the feelings that were prompted by viewing those rooms, then discussed how those feelings are related to our AYTEF space.

We explained that the Fairs Oaks space is also one important environment that we belong to, therefore we must also take care of it, especially because others use our space as well. The students were grouped to create their own poster of 10 rules: 5 rules that everyone involved with AYTEF must follow, and then 5 rules that anyone can follow to ensure our space stays cleans and productive.

This week really opened the students' eyes to the importance of keeping our space clean, not just for physical looks but also because it reflects our health and the productivity of our environment. After our week of learning, the students became much willing and cognizant of ensuring that their space was left even better than they found it. We're so proud of their development!

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