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Stop, Collaborate and Listen!

This week we worked on the common theme of collaboration, or in the students' own words, teamwork. We began our work by watching hilarious examples of collaboration between animals in our environment and how working together benefits our community as a whole. The 4-8 students viewed a real-life example of students their age engaging in this teamwork and the students' testimonials to understand the role collaboration plays in their learning.

After this quick warmup, the students demonstrated their prior knowledge regarding collaboration through an online discussion using Jamboard! It was a great way to review our focus concept, while simultaneously applying it.

The students took initiative in conjuring examples where collaboration would be beneficial and uploaded them to our Collaboration Wakelet, where we can continually access different forms of teamwork.

In order to work together, we must understand the conventions of positive and appropriate collaboration. To do this, the 4-8th grade students collaborated in creating a poster detailing the Rules of Collaboration, further proving how embedded teamwork is within their lives.

To conclusively tie our learning altogether, we participated in games and activities of collaboration to put the students' skills to the test. While they were simply having fun, what they might not have recognized was that their enjoyment was produced by working with their peers!

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