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Showcasing Our Hard Work

For our last week working on the theme of Future Readiness, the students explored all the ways in which they can display their work. To connect this theme to a meaningful real-life experience, we focused on the idea of preparing for our dream jobs and goals. A very common platform the students have experienced is through the use of portfolios. To introduce this topic, the students worked on a Padlet where they watched videos on how portfolios can be used in the classroom and discovered the importance of creating portfolios at a young age. The students read about the benefits portfolios have, not only for them as students but for teachers and their parents. Check out the Padlet they worked on!

After their initial exploration with portfolios, the students browsed through real portfolios made by companies and actual students similar to them. Featured was also this blog as it is a great example of how portfolios can be used to track progress and present all the work that is done by AYTEF student-athletes. The students explored this option through a Wakelet where they even had the ability to upload their own examples.

In practicing what they explored, the students created their own portfolios and resumes, which is another amazing example of a portfolio as resumes summarize our experience and work we have done whether it be in school or through a job. This practice allows the students to get into the habit of documenting their experience throughout school and really contemplate on all the accomplishments they've made that are essential to include when showcasing their work.

To finish off our learning, the students learned about the next steps after creating a resume: the interview. We began by watching a video detailing the Do's and Don'ts of an interview.

To summarize our learning, the students used a JamBoard to recall the Do's and Don'ts they learned. Using this platform was a great way to assess their learning and served as an introduction to an important element of interviews: the elevator speech.

The students applied their learning of the importance of creating resumes by acting as the "hiring manager" of a cafe that is looking to hire a candidate. The students reviewed four resumes and decided which candidates they would contact to move onto the next steps: the real interview meeting.

We watched a funny example of what a good vs bad interview looks like as it provides them with a clear differentiation of how they should and shouldn't act for an interview. Having these real-life experiences helps them create the connection between what they are learning and how it is greatly valuable and applicable in their life.

The students found this week's lesson to be very engaging and beneficial for their academic career as they effectively collaborated and found the motivation to apply everything they've learned in taking the next few steps toward curating resources they can refer to. While they are still young, this week offered the students the important resources and skills they will definitely use once they approach the period of their life when all of this is at the center of achieving their goals.

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