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The Hero Within Me

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Self-Confidence On and Off the Court

This week, our focus concept was self-confidence, a vital asset for tennis performance and academic success. Whether they're working on meeting the goals their coaches have set, an objective in the classroom, or a personal goal they have for themselves, self-confidence is key in ensuring that these goals are met. How can we take on the day and succeed in our everyday tasks if we don't have the belief that we can? Well, the children here at AYTEF learned of the value in self-confidence and how believing in themselves and celebrating their accomplishments, major or minor, plays a huge role in the long run.

SuperMe Heroes!

For our Monday SET, we worked on reflecting over the things we love most about ourselves. Just like how super heroes have villains they must defeat and world-saving goals, the children have their own battles to tackle; in their life, in tennis, and in the classroom, and similar to super heroes, we must maintain the belief that we are capable of doing so! To reflect on this idea, the children worked on writing traits/skills they are confident in and reflected that in creating their own SuperMe Heroes.

Accomplishment Medals

Continuing our focus on self-confidence, our Wednesday SET focused on celebrating our achievements, small or little. The children discussed about how the celebration of meeting our goals makes us feel special and provides us the spirit to fuel our self-confidence. In pondering about when we should feel proud, the students wrote about a recent accomplishment and made medals to reflect what makes them feel proud. As you can see in their work, the things they write may seem minuscule but to recognize and celebrate these feats is essential in ensuring that the children are confident to take on all challenges!

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