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Problem-Solving Throughout Our Daily Lives

The last concept from our focus theme of Exploration is problem-solving. This week the students focused on all things problem-solving, discovering different strategies to help them make tough decisions and solve conflicts they may encounter. The students started by exploring problem-solving games that tested their creativity and initial problem-solving skills. It was a great way to pre-assess their perseverance and the different strategies they use to solve the same problem.

The students were introduced to the seven steps of problem-solving, a strategic plan that helps to outline an effective strategy that anyone can use to help solve the problems they face in life. Each students took turns reading the steps and discussed what that step means.

To put these steps into practice, the students partnered up and picked a conflict to utilize the 7 steps. The students were tasked to solve the problem using the 7 steps. Together, the students discussed how they utilized the 7 steps to construct solutions to the problem given.

The K-3 students watched a short film about a shoe-maker who faces a challenge when a new, up-to-date shop owner parks his stand next to the shoe store. In order to keep business running, the shoe-maker must come up with strategies to save his business and solve the problem he has faced. We discussed of alternative solutions that the students came up with to help the shoe-maker as well!

We ended our lesson with a fun activity called Wacky Words. The students engaged in a fun worksheet where they were to decipher pictures to determine what the phrase or word it is trying to depict. It was a great way to activate their problem solving skills for our Jeopardy!

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