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Manifesting Our New Year Resolutions

As we dive into the new year, it's normal that we all create goals for ourselves. Although the students are still young, it is important that we teach them to become goal setters and the ways in which they can ensure these goals are achieved. Rather than simply create goals, we worked on understanding manifestation and The Law of Attraction to ensure that our goals will be achieved, no matter what. As we began our learning, the students were asked to write words they associate with manifestation. Our younger students began their exploration by defining the Law of Attraction and discussed with one another what that means.

We then learned about what the Law of Attraction is and how that connects to the manifestation of our goals. As we delved deeper, the students partnered up and created their own posters of the three different laws encompassing the collective Law of Attraction. They were instructed to research about the three laws in order to create these artistic and informational posters.

Using their creations, the students filled out a manifestation ticket where they recorded their goals and applied the three laws to achieving these goals.

Learning about the Law of Attraction was a great way to introduce the idea of goal setting because it not only allowed the students to create goals but also come up with a plan to make sure their goals are achieved. As each year passes, everyone comes up with new years resolutions; however oftentimes, they are simply written down and never implemented, so in order to make this learning experience meaningful, learning about the Law of Attraction and how it aids us in manifesting our goals helps us to understand that our goals can only come to life if we take control over making it happen.

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