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Gratitude at AYTEF

As we approach our last week before Thanksgiving break, it is very fitting that the students learn about what exactly they are celebrating. Both groups worked on creating Thankful Wheels where they drew people, things, and places they are grateful for. They loved contemplating on what makes them feel thankful while incorporating their artistic skills in their work.

Our 4-8th graders worked on this activity while playing Thanksgiving Jeopardy. They loved it so much, they could not contain their competitiveness! It was so interesting seeing how much they knew about Thanksgiving, even things I was unaware of.

Our younger, K-3rd students engaged in Gratitude Centers where they engaged in different activities regarding Thanksgiving. With these activities, the students were given opportunities to work on multidisciplinary exercises as each center incorporated mathematics, reading, writing, history, and the arts. The students loved the variety of options provided and it was a great way to learn more about Thanksgiving while having fun!

On Wednesday, our students were visited by two guests, Brooke Bourne and Jessica Northcutt, graduate students from the Richmont University. They conducted an immensely interactive presentation about the regulation of emotions while playing sports. Our students loved working in collaboration with one another and with our guests, and they had a blast! Everyone at AYTEF thanks our guests for their work with the students and overall contribution to our program!

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