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Educating Ourselves Within Our Own Space

After coming back from an exciting and relaxing break, we just had to share our holiday festivities. The students love to talk and chatter with one another, so I knew I had to designate some time to recap our Thanksgiving break. It was a great way to allow the students to let their energy loose as well as learn more about the ways in which we individually celebrate the same holiday. From conducting debates over which meals are the best to reading Thanksgiving books and playing a Would You Rather Game where we discussed our opinions and supported them with evidence, the students had a blast sharing about their culture with one another.

The 4-8th graders participated in an activity where they researched and practiced different ways to tie shoes in order to teach pre-schoolers this fine-motor skill. This activity demonstrated to the students their role as models to the youth and the impact they can have, therefore, they displayed their utmost effort and contemplation in making these tutorials.

Giancarlo Thornton

Hannah Hardy

Jimmy Little

Jewel Brundage

To end this month's theme of gratitude, the students were given the task of writing thank you cards to our wonderful donors. However, without understanding why we are thankful for them, our appreciation would be meaningless, therefore, to begin this process, the students researched about our AYTEF program as a non-profit organization and the significance of having donors' support. Doing this preliminary research was important for them to understand the rationale behind why they are thankful, thus making their cards and messages even more meaningful.

Having the knowledge that these would be sent to our donors, the students put great effort into their cards. They felt very proud of their work and dedication in ensuring that our donors are aware of their genuine gratitude!

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