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Decompressing the Right Way at AYTEF!

The last week of October is my absolute favorite as the students and I get hands-on in our learning! As we discussed last week, the kids are engaging in service projects therefore we will begin advertising for the work that we are doing. As you enter AYTEF the next few weeks, there will be barrels with the organization MUST Ministries written on them. We are partnering with this organization to collect food items. To first understand the organization we are donating to, the students conducted research on the ministry then we extended our research to focus on food drives specifically. Doing this helped the students obtain ideas to create advertising posters for our food drive.

The younger students continued their work on their recycling project as we researched about the topic with this video and brought it together by creating a group poster to consolidate our learning.

We finished our day by painting posters for our AYTEF recycling bins. We split up the work as some of the students worked on creating paper bins while others painted plastic bins. With the help of our volunteers, we created beautiful recycling bins and I am so excited for everyone to check them out, and more importantly use them!

Painting, Carving, and So Much Fun!

To reward the students for working so hard, we carved and painted pumpkins for a competition we are holding this Friday at the Block Party! We had a blast and it was the best way to end the month of October. Check out all the fun we had and come to our last Block Party of the year to vote for your favorite pumpkins!

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