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Creativity Flows Where I Go

For our second week of February, we focused on creativity, something the students loved! This trait was introduced through the fact that creativity does not just involve creating something but is something that is always being used throughout our lives whether we are problem solving or making decisions. To learn this, the students began by watching an introductory video about the ways in which they can expand their creativity.

To activate their creativity, the students engaged in a challenge to construct as many different drawings using the same starting point. Doing this activity encouraged them to think outside of the box and create something original that cannot be reproduced.

To collaborate with one another, the 4-8th grade students teamed up and participated in a creative story game where they had to randomly select 1 character, a setting, and a main plot. Using these three story elements, the teams constructed a creative story involving each aspect. The students loved engaging in this activity as they were able to incorporate many complex elements that reflected their creative abilities.

The K-3 students discussed the elements of the common Cinderella story and actually watched a read-aloud of Cinderstella, a girl who desired to be an astronaut rather than a princess. Although there were elements of the original Cinderella story, it was drastically different. With this example, the students created their own stories using similar elements. They truly used their creative juices in constructing out-of-the-box stories.

We ended our day by combing our creative abilities with our artistic skills by engaging in drawing activities. First we collaborated in creating a group picture where each person takes turns in adding a line or feature to the drawing. As each student contributed their addition, we spent time discussing our creation and designing stories beyond them. Lastly, the K-3 students were challenged to create something from a random squiggle. It was amazing to experience their creativity burst and look at art through their perspectives.

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