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A Big Warm Welcome to Our New Life Skills Coordinator!

Hello AYTEF fam! My name is Vi (pronounced like the alphabet letter "v") and I am so thrilled to be the new Life-Skills Coordinator for AYTEF. I am currently a junior enrolled at Kennesaw State University with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Spanish. I love any involvement that allows me to work with students of all ages in providing guidance for the achievement of academic and life goals. At KSU, I am an ambassador for the Bagwell College of Education, a Supplemental Instruction Team Leader for chemistry, a learning assistant, and in my spare time I nanny and assist a nursery to gain more experience working with children.

I am beginning my student teaching at an elementary school and a pre-school this year, so I hope I can transfer these experiences to my work at AYTEF! On my free time, I love reading a good book, baking some chocolate chip cookies, and travelingwhen I can, of course. An interesting fact about me is that I own a pet ball python and two bunnies! We're an exotic pets household! But even with my crazy pets and my super busy academic schedule, I am constantly looking for opportunities to grow my knowledge and attain experiences that I can cherish forever, which I know AYTEF is just the right place for that.

Prior to my college career, I was given the opportunity to intern at Chestnut Mountain Elementary School with a first grade class, so as you can tell, my ambitions lie in supporting students, and it brings me the upmost joy to know that I can now support the children at AYTEF! I hope my knowledge and experiences can provide meaningful contributions to the program and most importantly offer the children life-long attributes inspiring them to accomplish their goals, wherever they may lie. Although I have already learned SO much, I know there is an abundance of education to gain, and I cannot wait to utilize my own knowledge and the learnings I acquire from working at AYTEF to create relevant and fun lessons for everyone!

Please be on the look out for weekly posts as I like to keep everyone updated on what we are learning and achieving. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity and I cannot wait to meet everyone in the upcoming months; however, I am even more excited to commence the development of life skills with the kids!

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