How We Serve


AYTEF provides out-of-school programs year-round at Washington Park Tennis Center. Our programs include tennis instruction and competition, educational and life skills curriculums and a focus on developing healthy lifestyles. Our instructors and volunteers receive hands-on training and ongoing support to help with the delivery of our programs.​​

NJTL ACE Curriculum


​AYTEF and the ACE Curriculum connect education to tennis with life skills, math and literacy!  Academic Creative Engagement (ACE) is an out-of-school academic curriculum connected to the Common Core State and National Standards, and the sport of tennis. 

 Benefits For Children:

 •  Encourages academic achievement and classroom performance

 •  Promotes social/emotional skills and health/wellness

 •  Makes learning fun and relevant

 •  Teaches problem-solving on and off the court

The Sport of Tennis

AYTEF provides a tennis component to afterschool and summer programs throughout metro Atlanta.  We are committed to reach out to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to play tennis and give all kids (regardless of income, race and gender) the opportunity to fully develop their tennis skills so they can derive a life time of enjoyment from the sport. Through tennis, we can reduce health risks, increase physical fitness and promote critical life skills.

AYTEF also provides other opportunities for our youth including:
Scholarships to summer camps and after school programs; Competition through Play Days, USTA Jr. Team Tennis and sanctioned USTA tournament play; and the National Student-Athlete Competition where our youth earn points from School Report Cards, Arthur Ashe Essay and Art Contest entries, tennis tournaments, and Jr. Team Tennis participation and performance. College scholarships are awarded to the winners nationally and locally.

Healthy & Active Lifestyles

NJTL Life Skills Curriculum

AYTEF's out-of-school programs help children develop healthy and active lifestyles through physical activity and nutrition counseling. AYTEF participates in First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move!, a program designed to fight the obesity epidemic through physical activity and healthy eating. 

The NJTL Life Skills Curriculum which utilizes tennis to empower youth with the skills, values and experiences they need to become responsible and successful citizens. Children participate in activities from the GAME, SET, and MATCH levels and earn a certificate with each graduation. AYTEF follows weekly lessons plans that can be delivered in 30-45 minutes on the tennis court or in the classroom. Materials include curriculum, instructor’s manual, children’s playbooks and graduation certificates.

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