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The NJTL program was founded by Arthur Ashe in 1969 with the aim of using tennis for positive youth development. NJTL programs aim to provide a safe haven for young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds or underserved communities. Programs offer a structured and supportive environment where youth can engage in constructive activities, learn from positive role models, and build strong relationships with peers and mentors. By offering tennis instruction, educational support, and life skills development, NJTL programs strive to empower young individuals to reach their full potential.

As part of the USTA Foundation NJTL network, AYTEF is one of more than 250 nonprofit youth development organizations that offer free or low-cost tennis and education programming to under-resourced youth. In 2022, AYTEF was recognized for program excellence and named the USTA Georgia NJTL of the Year. 

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Established in 2003, AYTEF is a National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) nonprofit, accredited under the United States Tennis Association (USTAF), that provides free and low-cost tennis, academic, and life-skills programs to under-resourced youth near Title I schools. AYTEF uses sport to promote whole child development and wellness and seeks to empower youth to develop positive physical, academic, social, and emotional skills. AYTEF’s programs and operating procedures are driven by the best practices and guiding principles of afterschool and Sports Based Youth Development (SBYD) programs. 


AYTEF operates a thriving year-round tennis, academic, and life-skills program at Fair Oaks Tennis Center located on Booth Road in Marietta, GA. The median household income in this community is $46,699, and the poverty rate is 21%. The racial and ethnic population of this zip code is 48.4% Hispanic and 25.6% Black or African American, and there are 8 Title I elementary schools within approximately 4 miles of Fair Oaks Tennis Center. In service to this community, AYTEF offers afterschool tennis programs 5 days per week, virtual and in-person academic enrichment 3 days per week, and also offer monthly community engagement events as well as community summer camp opportunities. In partnership with Cobb County Parks & Recreation and USTA Foundation, AYTEF has become a cornerstone of the community surrounding Fair Oaks, offering vital tennis and education programs that benefit youth and families in transformative ways.

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Atlanta Youth Tennis & Education Foundation (AYTEF) aims to ENRICH the lives of under-resourced youth through tennis and education.


We SERVE through sport so that our youth can ACHIEVE without limit on the court, in the classroom, and in life.

We value character development, academic achievement, healthy lifestyles, community engagement, inclusive culture, and enjoyment for all.


Advantage AYTEF: Empowering Youth through Tennis and Education

Strategic Plan: 2024-2027 

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