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AYTEF Assist offers need-based financial support for AYTEF participants and volunteers through program discounts, sponsorships, and scholarships. The first step for determining financial eligibility is to create an account through the AYTEF Assist portal. 

We want to ensure that any student that wants to participate in AYTEF programming can have the opportunity. Many of our programs are free, and paid programs are offered at low-cost pricing. All of our low-cost programs also have additional discounts for free/reduced lunch status students. To be eligible to receive free/reduced lunch status pricing discounts, please create an account and upload requested documents on the AYTEF Assist portal. 

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Michael C. Kraft Scholarship
Awards for the Michael C. Kraft Scholarship are given in posthumous recognition of the dedication and passion that Mr. Kraft displayed towards tennis, education, and his long-time career at CNN.  Scholarship funds support AYTEF youth who wish to pursue enrichment opportunities to further their education goals and/or career pursuits. Such pursuits can include, but are not limited to the following: STEM, art, and language classes, internships, educational summer camps, professional development conferences, standardized test prep, and academic tutors. 
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Katherine Gooding Memorial Fund Scholarship
Awards for the Katherine Gooding Memorial Fund Scholarship are given in recognition of the service, leadership, and character displayed by Katherine in her pursuit of “wholehearted” living. Scholarship funds support AYTEF youth who wish to pursue enrichment opportunities or passion projects that pertain to community service, leadership, or character development.
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Dave McAuley Scholarship
Awards for the Dave McAuley Scholarship are given in posthumous recognition of Mr. McAuley’s lifelong passion for the sport of tennis, as well as his dedication to the sport as a coach, captain, and youth instructor.  Scholarship funds support AYTEF youth who wish to pursue tennis or athletic opportunities that will aid their development and achievement in the sport. 
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USTA Scholarship Opportunities

AYTEF is a National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) organization under the United States Tennis Association (USTA). NJTL participants are eligible to apply for various USTA scholarship opportunities throughout the year. If you would like to apply for a USTA Scholarship and need a letter of recommendation from AYTEF describing your active participation in our organization, please email To learn more about USTA scholarship opportunities, follow the links below. 

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We offer two sponsorship opportunities that provide ongoing academic and athletic instruction and equipment to AYTEF youth. AYTEF is not currently accepting applications for sponsorship opportunities as eligibility is determined by AYTEF recommendation and donor funding. Sponsorship recipients must create an account and upload requested documents on the AYTEF Assist portal.

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USTA National

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Direct Assist Sponsorship
AYTEF matches junior player(s) to a specific donor for tennis and/or academic support with an overall focus on gratitude and relationship building. To become a donor for this program, please contact

Academy Match Sponsorship 
Monthly donor contributions support dedicated junior tennis players as they transition from free and low-cost AYTEF programs to consistent participation in local tennis academy programs. To become a donor for this program, please contact


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AYTEF need-based scholarships are open for all AYTEF Assists approved applicants who are actively involved in AYTEF programs as a participant or volunteer. The criteria and award requirements differ for each scholarship, so please review the requirements carefully before you apply. For questions about scholarship eligibility, please email 


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